When investors make key investments in Saint Lucia, it opens the road to Saint Lucia citizenship and a passport to the world

Saint Lucia’s flagship Citizenship Investment Program offers five key means to acquire Saint Lucia citizenship:

  1. COVID-19 Bond Relief: Minimum investment US$250,000 (limited time offer)
  2. Government Bond Investment: Minimum investment US$500,000 
  3. National Economic Fund Investment: Minimum investment US$100,000 
  4. Real Estate Investment: Minimum investment US$300,000
  5. Enterprise Investment: Minimum investment US$3,500,000

Please note that all investment opportunities and fees listed on this page are decided by the Citizenship Program. They are exclusive of lawyer and agent fees which vairy depending on the agent.

Whichever option you choose, you are offered the same advantages of citizenship of Saint Lucia, with visa-free or visa on entry access to more than 146 countries in different parts of the world.

At the moment, the COVID-19 Bond Relief is the most popular choice among investors. That’s not surprising considering the situation of things world over.


COVID-19 Relief Bond (limited time offer)

This special COVID-19 Relief Bond which starts from USD 250,000 is a non-interest-bearing government bond. The applicant is not required to pay any processing fee. However, the bond must be registered and must remain in the name of the applicant five years from the date it was first issued. 

Note that this bond option is available as a limited time offer.

The applicant must pay an administrative fee of US 30,000 once the application for citizenship has been granted. After that, the qualifying investment sum for this special bond option will be payable as follows:

Sole applicant (five-year holding bond):  US$250,000

Applicant applying with 1 qualifying dependent (six-year holding bond): US$250,000

Applicant applying with up to 4 qualifying dependents (seven-year holding bond): US$250,000

Applicant applying with up to 4 qualifying dependents (five-year holding bond): US$300,000

Each additional qualifying dependent, along with an applicant applying with up to 4 qualifying dependents: US$15,000


Government Bond Investment

As one of the investment criteria for investment applications for citizenship of Saint Lucia, application can be made through an investment in Government Bonds. The applicants are not required to pay any interest on the bonds, but it must be registered and must remain in the name of the applicant for at least five-year holding period from the date it was first issued.

Upon the approval of the application for citizenship, the following minimum investment in Government Bonds is required:

Sole applicant:  US$500,000

Applicant with spouse:  US$535,000

Applicant with spouse and up to two other qualifying dependents:  US$550,000

Each additional qualifying dependent, of any age:  US$25,000

An additional, non-refundable administration fee of US$50,000 applies.



National Economic Fund Investment

Sole applicant:  US$100,000

Applicant with spouse:  US$140,000

Applicant with spouse and up to two other qualifying dependents:  US$150,000

Each additional qualifying dependent, of any age:  US$25,000

Each qualifying dependent in addition to a family of four (family includes a spouse): US$15,000


Add-on of qualifying dependents of a citizen

Newborn child of a citizen (child of 12 months of age & below): US$500

Spouse of a citizen: US$35,000

Qualifying dependent of a citizen other than a spouse: US$25,000



Real Estate Investment

Thanks to the numerous natural endowments of Saint Lucia, the country has huge appeal for visitors and tourists. We are proud of the range of real estate Saint Lucia offers. Through the Citizenship Investment Program, we boost the country’s real estate sector further by providing an option for investors in approved real estate projects under the following categories:

  • high-end branded hotels and resorts
  • high-end boutique properties
  • Any other project that the Minister considers necessary based on the recommendation of the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Board and following due consultation with the Cabinet.

The real estate process involves the following:

  • A binding process and sale agreement 
  • Appointment of escrow agent
  • An escrow bank account where the applicant will deposit the minimum investment amount and
  •  An escrow agreement.

Minimum investment: US$300,000


Enterprise Investment 

Come and invest in Saint Lucia through enterprise projects under the following categories:

  • Specialty restaurants
  • Cruise ports and marinas
  • Agro-processing plants
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Ports, bridges, roads and highways
  • Research institutions and facilities
  • Offshore universities

The minimum investment is:

Option 1 – Sole applicant

Minimum investment US$3,500,000

Option 2 – More than one applicant (joint venture) 

Minimum investment US$6,000,000

Each applicant must contribute at least US$1,000,000

Should you have any questions, or if you would like a detailed breakdown of the exact costs for your family, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

St. Lucia is located in the Caribbean between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Key Benefits:

• Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 146

• No physical presence required & no minimum stay required.

• Attractive program and processing costs (from just $100,000).

• Dual citizenship recognized.

• Attractive tax regime. No tax on worldwide income.

• Entire family are eligible. Including spouse, children, parents and siblings.

• Ability to to add additional dependents for up to five years after the main applicant’s grant of citizenship.

• Short investment period. 5 years if you invest in property or government bonds.

• Investment required only after approval. Complete investments after receiving citizenship application approval.







Time zone:


Total area size:

616 sq. km. (152,216 acres)

Age Demographics:

0-14: 20.35%, 15-24: 15.88%, 25-54: 42.97%, 55-64: 9.58%, 65+: 11.22%


English (official language) & French patois.


Roman Catholic: 61.5%, Protestant: 25.5%, Pentecostal: 8.9%, Baptist: 2.2%, Anglican: 1.6%, Church of God: 1.5%, Other Protestant: 0.9%), Other Christian: 3.4% (includes Evangelical: 2.3% and Jehovah’s Witness: 1.1%), Rastafarian: 1.9%, Other: 0.4%, None: 5.9%, Unspecified: 1.4%

Goverment Type:

Parliamentary democracy (Parliament) under a constitutional monarchy and Commonwealth realm.


East Caribbean dollars (XCD), tied to USD (1 USD = 2.7 XCD).